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MemberTrak Features

Union Features
  • MemberTrak keeps track of each member's biographical information including dues, fees, skills, work history, benefits, etc.
  • A complete status & rate history by effective date for each member is tracked.
  • Includes a large amount of premade & customizable reports that will keep you up to date on your members' information.
  • Print daily, monthly & yearly receipt reports with which you can balance your deposits.
  • Comments from a variety of sources including employers (on job comments) can be entered & viewed from the member screen.
  • Web integration for online payment and information processing is available to your members.
  • Automatically maintains your out of work list with customizable rules.
  • Ability to import monthly payroll hours & report variances.
  • Includes an inbound & outbound job dispatch system.
Apprenticeship Features
  • Track member skills & certifications which are earned from classes that MemberTrak will help you manage.
  • Easily schedule classes & tests with group enrollment features.
  • Complete grades & attendance tracking by class date.
  • Reporting of unexcused absences & make-up dates by class or semester with automatic generation of notification letters to students.
  • Ability to charge students for books & create receipts in bulk.
  • Generates continuity & weld certification papers
  • MemberTrak can transmit continuity information.
  • Print transcripts, attendance reports, summaries & more!
  • Generates & creates notifications regarding apprentice pay rates & raises.

Union & Apprentice Shared Features
  • Basic member information including name, address, birth date, race, sex, emergency contact, & member picture can be tracked, as well as any item the user defines.
  • Custom user configurations, security policies & a fully audited financial system ensures that your union data is secure.
  • Each section of the program can be accessed with a single click of the mouse.
  • MemberTrak exchanges data effortlessly with Microsoft Word & Excel.
  • Integrated document imaging of all member-related documents. Go paperless!
  • MemberTrak is the ONLY software compatible with the Union Benefits Network.

RoboCall is an automated calling system that allows you to export information from your MemberTrak system to your members in the form of a phone call. RoboCall is a simple, fast & reliable system integrated into the MemberTrak software & allows members to receive notifications regarding:

  • Dues
  • Jobs
  • Apprentice class schedules
  • Apprentice class cancellation notifications
  • Special messages from administrators & office staff within the local
  • Elections, strikes, specials events & more!